Afromotion Fitness Club

Afromotion is an African dance fitness program created by the Artistic Director of Afromoda Dance Theater. It involves high-energy ethnic dance and aerobic movement elements. Afromotion’s choreography incorporates dance movements from across the African continent, Caribbean dance styles, some elements of martial arts and belly dance, but the main area of focus is the high and low energy African base movements. It is challenging, absorbing, exciting and fun.

Routines are easy to follow and learn. The rhythms (mostly live drumming) are designed to work your muscle, burn calories and keep you strong and fit for life. An hour of high and low intensity African and Caribbean dance movements to African drum rhythms, (live wherever and whenever available), that connects ones soul, body and spirit as you enjoy a great workout.

Afromotion fitness club is presently in its developing stage. Afromotion fitness exercises will be held once a week. Please check our calendar for class dates and times. $5.00 per class and your first class is free!

Afromotion Rhythm and Movement Classes

Afromotion Rhythm and Movement Classes are designed for teenage music and dance enthusiasts who are interested in studying the art of (African) Rhythm and Dance. Other dance genres; like Modern and contemporary dance styles are schedule to be added to the calendar of classes in future. Highly trained professionals are on staff to help with your development and performance of great rhythm and movement.

Afromotion Coordinator
Victor Bah